Nanotech Plus focuses on the markets, technologies, and intellectual property issues related to commercialization of nanoengineered/advanced materials and their incorporation

We have helped one of our long-standing clients to transition from a discovery firm to a clinical drug company that has a new antiviral compound with a novel mechanism of action in Phase 1 clinical trials.

We have helped clients to:
  • find new opportunities for nanoengineered/advanced materials
  • find new markets for existing/novel products
  • perform due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • identify the competitive landscape for short/long term strategy (SWOT Analyses)
  • analyze industrial sector market opportunities
  • assess business opportunities and technology commercialization from technical and economic perspectives
  • evaluate strategic alliances and sales development support strategies
  • formulate channel strategies, including economic and choke-point analysis
  • conduct advanced IP searches to help enhance understanding of markets, competing technologies, and long-term trends.

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