Nanotech Plus provides:

  • Insight into the use, production, and economics of nanomaterials in a variety of industries.
  • An independent analysis of data and commercialization plans with actionable recommendations.
  • Assured confidentiality.

  • We’ve done the following types of projects:
    • Markets and pricing models of new pharmaceuticals.
    • Competitive landscape of pharmaceuticals.
    • Broad landscapes of potential material applications including energy storage, transportation, construction, marine and aerospace.
    • Specific applications of a material.
    • Due diligence for a potential acquisition.
    • Evaluation of a physical plant for manufacture.
    • Patent evaluation - what are the potential areas touched by a body of patents?
    • Materials for additive manufacture.
    Typical Projects:

  • Due Diligence: Our projects have entailed reviews of production, purification and waste-disposal processes, physical plant inspections, patent analysis, and verifications of sales/market forecasts for potential acquirers.
    Example: acquisition of a carbon nanotube manufacturer.

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis: We have helped clients assign realistic values to intellectual properties and develop strategies to benefit from new patents obtained in an acquisition.
    Example: an early nanomanufacturing firm had broad patents with applications that ranged from electronic materials to cosmetics.

  • Market Analysis: Some of our clients have asked us to help evaluate potential markets for new materials that incorporate nanomaterials in their compositions.
    Example: a client was interested in acquiring a line of new ceramic coatings with applications from automotive to cookware.

  • Opportunity Assessment: Our clients know their own businesses far better than we do. They have often found our viewpoint as an independent outsider to be helpful in finding new opportunities or products that may fit a need, as well as identifying commercialization challenges.
    Example: a major food and beverage manufacturer had a "nano" initiative to identify and do research in challenging areas ranging from energy conservation to water purification.
    Example: a nanocellulose manufacturer wanted to find new applications for the material and development partners.
    Example: a novel coatings manufacturer wanted to identify large potential markets for their products with low barriers to entry.

  • Create a Competitive Analysis: Smaller firms often do not have the resources to do projects which are important to their business, but are not part of product development or sales. Nanotech Plus can help fill these gaps by providing useful competitive intelligence on a market. We can identify pain points, major/minor players, and potentially disruptive technologies.
    Example: a biotechnology company needed assistance with a variety of projects, ranging from valuation of a physical plant to developing pricing strategies for potential new drugs.

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