Why Focus on Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is set to transform every industry as new materials, new manufacturing methods and new applications emerge from this vibrant field.

It's no secret that nanotechnology has been touted as "the next big thing." It seems like every week, a new announcement of mutual funds increases the size of the "nanotechnology market in 10 years" to some vast number, such as $0.8 trillion (recently reported by a large bank). These potential large markets for nanotechnology have been presented to the public to help justify investing in corporations involved in nanotechnology.

Unfortunately, pinning down these large markets for nanotechnology derived products seems to be something of an elusive task. It's the old story of "jam tomorrow" rather than today. For individuals or corporations that want to develop products for today's market, this vague answer should be problematic. This is where Nanotech Plus comes in. We can help you with technology evaluation, market size estimation, and determining who the key players are in a particular market space.

When evaluating any investment, whether purchasing stocks, mutual funds, or developing a product, one of the first questions that savvy entrepreneurs (or investors) ask involves either the current or the potential size of the market. It's the foundation for any successful business- the old mantra of "Know your market." It's still sage advice.

When determining the size of a market (doesn't matter whether it's for soybeans or for carbon nanotubes), the last thing you want to do is start with the desired end result. This is putting the cart before the horse. It makes comparing potential investments easy- this one offers a growth rate of 25%- but this one offers a growth rate of over 50%! Of course, if neither market materializes, the growth rates are meaningless.

A more challenging approach to determining the size of a market, but one with fewer pitfalls involves estimating the current market for a product as a logical starting point. Nearly all products, even revolutionary ones, often involve some displacement of existing goods. Admittedly, in the late 1970s forecasting the vast markets of personal computers that developed within a decade would have required an enormous leap of faith, but most products are not so revolutionary. Instead most products being developed are aimed at replacing existing goods, and the markets for these current goods can be estimated- often with enough accuracy to make decisions on whether to move forward or not. This is where Nanotech Plus comes in. We can help you identify and evaluate existing markets for your products or investments, and then using this foundation, help develop a roadmap for the future.

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